Love Quotes and Short Poems with Pictures for Facebook

This has to be 
The last test for me
My patience now 
Non existent
Hard done by life 
Is how it seems 
But who said 
It would be easy
Some would think 
I got fed by 
A silver spoon
But that was 
Not my destiny 
Helpless I have 
But not willing 
To be broken 
I keep trying 
To stand 
Back on my 

Tere Galiyan
Why would I 
Step on to 
Your path again
All I got is pain
Where there is 
No shame 
A winner is 
In a losing game
Tere Galiyan
Your fake smile
You always maintain
The mask of deception 
You cleverly maintain 
My freedom I unchain 
Reality is that
You are insane...!!!

I have so much love
For you in my heart
Deep down you do know
But your rage and anger
Overpowers your 
Beautiful being
Making you something 
I don't like at all
But I can never leave you
I can not walk away 
As my love for you 
Breathes in my heart
With every new day...!!!

That one tear
That fell from
My eye
I will never
Forget why
Looking into
My future 
Not to look 
Into the past
Where lost
People reside
So my new 
Journey started
To an unknown
Leaving behind 
The one tear from
My eye...!!!

My words exploding 
Into bits invisible 
Nothing phasing you
The moments we shared
Meaningless for you
You look at me cold 
Did I ever know you
Or was it a dream 
That has been taken 
Away from me 
We both had to meet 
For both of us to drown
In each other 
And then find new 

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