Nargis Dutt Basic Information With Her Image


Narugisudatto (June 1, 1929 - May 3, 1981) was born to Fatima Rashid her screen name is known by Nargis it was Indian film actress. She is regarded as one of the greatest actress in the widely of Hindi cinema history. She has played her screen debut as a child in Talash-E- Haq in 1935, her acting career began in 1942 with Tamanna. In the 60s in from the 1940s career span, Nargis a lot her feature of them together with the actors and film director Raj Kapoor, not only was successful in many commercial, critically recognized movie, in I appeared.

Mother that her is the most well-known one of the roles was nominated to the verified Academy Award India (1957), of the performance that won the trophy of her Best Actress at the Filmfare Awards of Radha. 1958, Nargis mothers Indian co-star, married to actor Sunirudatto, I left the movie industry. She, appear rare in the film during the 1960s. Some of her movies of this period, she is included rAAT Aurudin of drama that won the National Film Award inaugural for Best Actress (1967).

Along with her husband Nargis is some of the major actors and rope and stage in time singer was held shows at the border region formed the Ajanta Arts and Culture Orchestra. In the early 1970s, she became the first patron of Indian Spastics Association, her social worker in a subsequent study of the organization, and in 1980, brought her recognition as a nomination for the Senate after.

Nargis son Sanjay Dutt in a few days ago that was debut in Hindi cinema died in 1981 of pancreatic cancer. In 1982 Narugisudatto Memorial Cancer Foundation was established in her memory. Award for best feature film at the National Integration in the annual National Film Awards ceremony is called her honor Narugisudatto Award.

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