Nargis Dutt Early life Carrier and background


Early life and background

Nargis, the Calcutta home of Punjabi, Bengali President, India (now Kolkata, West Bengal), was born in India. Her father Uttamchand Mohanchand alias Mohan Babu, was a wealthy Hindu Mohyal from (now Pakistan) Punjab Rawalpindi. Her mother Jaddanbai, was immigration of Muslims who had settled in their families Punjab. Family of Nargis "was then migrated from west Punjab in Allahabad. Jaddanbai was a singer and courtesan of Hindustani classical music in Allahabad. She was introduced to the culture of Nargis deployment movie in India at a time. Nargis "maternal half brother, Anwar Hussein (1928-1988) also became a movie actor. He was born with her husband, who is different from the Jaddanbai.


Fatima, were mobilized in a movie theater at an early age. She credits as "Baby Nargis", at the age of six, she was starring her first movie in 1935 Talashe foil. Nargis, Persian, which means the daffodils, narcissus is a flower. She then, in all of her movie has been credited as Nargis.

After Nargis you were her film debut, starring in a number of movies, she in 1943, in Taqdeer of Mehboob Khan in the opposite, starting from the time of the 14-year-old, later for her, adults, the fame of the roll persistence won, the Motilal she (and starred in many such popular Hindi movies of the late 1940s and 1950s as Barsaat. 1949), Anders (1949), Awaara (1951), Deedar (1951) , scammer (1955), and Chori Chori (1956). Most of her films she starred with Raj Kapoor and di lip Kumar. Raj Kapoor is also in the 1950s it is known that it had a long-standing romantic relationship with the famous actress Nargis. The a couple, including the scammers and Awaara, starred in several films together.
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Her most famous role, she came to the rural drama mother India which has been nominated for the 1957 which won the Filmfare Best Actress Award in Mehboob Khan Oscar for her performance. Film magazine Filmindia of Baburao Patel (December 1957) "after the release of as in the production maximum of painting" India, mother describes India, other actress I was not able to perform a similar role and Nargis I wrote that it would try in. After her marriage to the 1958 Sunirudatto, Nargis gave up a career of her film in order to settle down with her family after her last few films release. She 1967, was her last film appearance in rAAT Aurudin of film. Performance of Nargis "as a woman film is that it is received well and are suffering from multiple personality disorder was acclaimed. For this role, she is the national Film Award for Best Actress, and won the first actress to win in this category. She has also been nominated for the Film fare Best Actress Award for this movie.

In 2011, by ML Dhawan from Tribune. Range, style, some of the elegance and incredibly warm screen presence actress, Nargis is a major woman to celebrate really ", and noted, listing her as best ever actress, of" almost all her films in Nargis is hope and created a woman who was able to deification. charisma of Nargis of screen images, it is a simple, lay by oscillating between equivalent ease of use and chic.

She also has been nominated from 1980-81.But to the Senate (Upper House of Indian Parliament) I died during her tenure and became ill.

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